About Me!


I was born in Southern California and moved to Iowa when I was 16.  I always have had a love of plants, filling my bedroom with all kinds growing up.  After high school I headed off to Iowa State University – go Cyclones!  I earned my degree in Landscape Architecture and met and married my husband, Mark.  We traveled around the US during what we lovingly call the UHaul years and ended up in a small resort town in NW Iowa.  Life took me on a crazy journey with my sister there and we opened up an espresso cafe and gift shop which we owned and operated for 21 years! As empty nesters, we had a desire to escape the cold Iowa winters so we sold the business in 2014 and Mark and I relocated to Gilbert, Arizona where 2 of our 3 kids live.  We now have 3 beautiful grandkids which have enriched our lives more than we could have ever dreamed!

 When we arrived in Arizona we had a bare naked yard in the heart of the desert. I kinda had the attitude of “if I can buy it at the garden center, it must grow here!”  Well I had a lot of learning to do and truthfully, I am still learning!  

After a lot of trial and error, I decided to enroll in the Master Gardener program thru Arizona State University.  I “graduated” from that last Fall and learned so much!  It gave me a new appreciation of gardening in the low desert and I am slowly incorporating a lot of what I learned into my own yard.  

My hope here is to share with you some of this knowledge but more so, lots of my favorite outdoor living ideas and experiences!  And while I don’t always have the answers, this is our journey to share!       

Let’s go do some garden stuff!