From Garden to Plate!


Nice Haul!

If you happened to catch my photo the other day on Instagram ( of my jalapeño pepper haul, tonite the magic happened! One of our favorite ways to use the fruits of our labor is to make simple jalapeño poppers. I say simple in that they are only 3 ingredients but they are a bit fiddly to make. The end product is the driving force here!  


For me, the worst part is cleaning the peppers and getting them ready to stuff. Wearing gloves, I slice them lengthwise then remove the seeds and the white pithy parts.  Those parts are what give the heat so if you like them milder really scrape that out. I lay them on towels and pat dry. 

Cleaned and ready to stuff!


Now give each half a smear of cream cheese. I use a light variety but regular is fine too!  Wrap each one in bacon and secure with a tooth pick. I cut my bacon in thirds then in half lengthwise. A little bit of bacon packs big flavor so this works.  These don’t have to be diet busters!



Mouth watering yet?

Lay the poppers on a baking sheet that’s lined with foil for easy clean up. Bake in a preheated 450° for about 20 minutes. If your bacon is particularly fatty you may want to carefully drain the pan halfway through baking. Once the bacon is fully cooked, browned, and delicious and your home smells amazing, they’re done!

From Garden to Plate!!


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  1. These look delicious!! Wish I had some right now!

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